According to a report from the Denver Post, some 3,400 Colorado voters have canceled their registrations in recent weeks, with some of them claiming their decision stems from President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission and its controversial requests for voter information from all 50 states. The mass de-registrations, while representing a tiny fraction of Colorado voters, have nonetheless given Democrats another excuse to cry about “voter suppression,” a theme that promises to be at the front of their politics in the coming years.

At the heart of the controversy is a request from the voter commission asking states to send the White House data from the voter rolls including felony convictions, military status, and voting history, along with personal information such as addresses and social security numbers. Virtually every state in the country pushed back on the request to one degree or another; even in Kansas, whose secretary of state is leading the commission, they refused to hand over social security numbers. But while the breadth of information sought by the administration may represent a small overreach, it hardly warrants the kind of hysteria we’re seeing from people like DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

“If you unregister, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression,” Perez said Friday. “That’s our message. And we’re out there delivering that message in every way possible.”

Hilariously, it may be that it was the liberal media’s coverage of Trump’s voter fraud commission that inspired Colorado citizens to unregister – NOT the commission itself. This is illustrated by the fact that the Denver Post spoke to several voters who said they were not previously aware of just how much voter information the state had on file. Their concern wasn’t so much that this information would wind up in the hands of the White House, but that it was out there at all. Now, we’re not sure how you could be smart enough to register to vote and not smart enough to know that the state has some personal data on file, but hey. They’re smoking a lot of weed up there these days.

On the other hand, maybe there is some connection between the commission and the mass de-registrations. Maybe there are quite a few voters up there in Colorado who are afraid of what the Trump administration might find if they go digging around in the voter records. Maybe some of them aren’t quite the legal voters they were purporting to be, hmm? And if that’s the case, then Trump’s efforts are already paying off. And that would also explain why Democrats are in a tizzy; they DEPEND on those fraudulent votes to win elections. Clean up those rolls, and Democrats will actually have to come up with some ideas that are supported by the majority of (actual, legal, non-criminal) Americans.