Democrats gave Republicans yet another lesson in why bipartisan compromise is dead in Washington this week. After two solid weeks in which everyone in the mainstream media/Democratic Party/Hollywood was calling the Trump administration the new iteration of the Nazis for their family separation policy at the border, the president finally gave in and gave the left what they wanted. He signed an executive order keeping families together during the detention process, putting his own administration in violation of the Flores consent decree in an effort to stave off the intensely negative coverage. Perhaps this was a political surrender, perhaps this was just Trump deciding that this was a no-win situation, we don’t exactly know.

What we DO know is that when you give Democrats an inch, they take a mile.

If Democrats wanted to show the president that they are willing to work with him in good faith, they would have put Schumer and Pelosi and, hell, Robert De Niro, on a stage somewhere and held a press conference heralding Trump’s brave and righteous decision to end the child separation crisis that has put so many TV liberals in tears. They would have praised his courage and his leadership. They would have pledged to work hand in hand with Republicans to pass legislation allowing illegal immigrants to be detained without losing touch with their children. This could have been a defining moment in Washington…if only Democrats actually gave a damn about any of that stuff they’ve been talking about for the last two weeks.

Unfortunately, they do not.

That’s why, only hours after the order was signed, Democrats found a new thing to complain about: Children and their families being held in detention centers…AT ALL! Because of course that’s what this was always about. The child separation issue was just an emotional distraction to gain political momentum for their real objective, which is to get the Trump administration to stop enforcing the law. They don’t want Trump’s “thugs” at the border arresting these poor illegal immigrants at all. Take them, process them, give them a court date, and then send them on their way to San Francisco. If they make it back for court, fine. If they don’t, well, they’ll be eligible for some form of amnesty a few years down the road. Hey, maybe they’ll even be registered to vote!

“If the detention of families continues we’re still creating a different problem,” said civil rights lawyer Efren Olivares. “How are parents going to be brought into court without being separated from their children for their criminal hearings? That’s a big question. And if they are separated, what will be the next step? How are they going to be reunited?”

Uh-huh. So these parents cannot be away from their children even for the few minutes it takes to sit in a hearing? Are you seriously arguing that right now?

Democrats want open borders, plain and simple. And they will find a way to make ANY enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws seem like the cruelest thing happening in the Western Hemisphere until they get what they want.

Mr. President, don’t fall for this crap again.