The Democratic National Committee, whose co-chairman has now been credibly accused of serious incidents of domestic violence, remains quiet as of Wednesday. While Rep. Keith Ellison, heralded as the first Muslim to hold office in Congress, successfully won his primary bid to become the next attorney general in the state of Minnesota, questions persist as to how the DNC will respond to the allegations in the #MeToo era. Already, due to their refusal to address the situation head-on, the DNC is taking heat from Republicans who say they are being hypocritical.

“It’s great to be the DNC,” wrote former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. “If Ellison were a Republican, the press would have knocked over the doors of the RNC demanding a statement. But the DNC’s co-chairman? No comment from the DNC. No feeding frenzy from the press.”

Another former press secretary agreed.

“So the Sierra Club has issued a statement about the allegations against the Deputy DNC chairman, but the DNC still has not,” wrote Sean Spicer. “And most major ‘news’ outlets don’t seem to have an issue with that.”

On the veritable eve of the primaries, Kate Monahan, an ex of Ellison’s, began posting on social media allegations that the former Nation of Islam representative had abused her both physically and emotionally. She was backed up by her son. Both said there was indeed a secret video out there showing Ellison dragging Monahan off a bed, yelling obscenities at her in a blind rage. The video has not yet been produced, but in an era where Democrats have practically added “we must always believe women” to their official platform, it’s hard to see how Ellison can escape this scandal unscathed.

“We had a very unexpected event at the end of this campaign that happened,” Ellison said at his victory party on Tuesday night. “I want to assure you that it is not true. We are going to keep on fighting all the way through. We are going to be respectful to all, and we are going to stand like steeples, and insist upon the truth.”

Frankly, we can’t ignore the timing of these accusations, coming as they did only 72 hours before voters went to the polls. And we also stand firm in our belief that every man, Republican or Democrat, deserves to be held innocent until proven guilty, no matter what the feminists might have to say about it.

On the other hand, Ellison has a long history of questionable associations and dubious marks of moral character. And no matter what WE may believe about due process, it is a matter of record that Democrats have thrown their lot in with the far left femiNazis who think that a mere whisper of bad behavior should be enough to drive a man out of town on the next railcar. So we’re not sure why it’s different in the case of Ellison. Is it because he’s a black Muslim? Is it because he’s entrenched in the DNC’s leadership? We’re not sure why an exception is being made here.

Maybe the Democrats have decided that, as far as they’re concerned, the #MeToo era is already over.

At least until the next Republican is accused…