According to a new report from The Hill, Democrats are turning to Republicans for help improving the clearly-broken system of Obamacare. The hope is that once the election is over (and Hillary Clinton wins) that Republicans will stop trying to scrap the Affordable Care Act and start trying to implement some changes…including, in a best-case-liberal-scenario, putting in a public option.

But without majorities on Capitol Hill, Democrats will not be able to turn Obamacare into universal healthcare and the Republican Party is not going to fund a government-run insurance company. On the other hand, they may be willing to work with Democrats to open up the marketplace and fix some of the smaller problems with the law.

“There are things we can do and need to do to address restoring competition in these exchanges, and my hope is when we’re through the elections and past the elections, we’ll do those,” Sen. Tom Carper, D-De., said.

Carper and other Democrats hope to work with Republicans to shore up out-of-season signups, which have been a problem for the insurance companies. Health and Human Services have altered some rules on special signups in an attempt to shut one of the law’s loopholes, which encourages people to sign up for insurance only after they’ve been diagnosed with an illness.

But those problems, realistically, are fundamental symptoms of a system that was never intended to work in the first place. Sure, we can spend the next decade plugging holes in the dike, but we’re going to wind up in the same place eventually. And when that day comes, we’re going to have to make a choice. Are we going to have a private healthcare market or are we going to bring socialized medicine to the United States?

Knowing that, it would be foolish for Republicans to abandon their opposition to this law. We are only months away from a national healthcare crisis. 12, 24, 36? We can’t say, but it’s coming. This system cannot continue to function as it is, and a few quick-fixes will only delay the inevitable. Republicans, do not get stuck holding the bag when this ship goes down. And do not stand idly by and watch while Democrats replace Obamacare with Obama’s true vision: Universal, European-style healthcare.

We’ll see what happens. If you don’t feel in a trusting mood, make sure that Hillary doesn’t take the White House. With Trump and a Republican majority, we can make American healthcare great again. Without those things…well, look to the last eight years for a sample of what to expect.