Dems Shoot Down Anti-China Tax Effort

( – Michigan Democrats are cozying up to the Chinese Communist party and its various subsidiary corporations in the state according to local Republicans. The Democrats leveraged their majority in the state legislature to shoot down two amendments to recently passed budget proposals that would have made it much more difficult for Chinese-linked entities to take tax dollars out of the pockets of Michiganders.

Republicans offered amendments that would have forced a more detailed review of state grants and restricted disbursements to adversarial state-linked entities, like corporations that are largely controlled by China. Democrats used their power to pass the budgets without the amendments on May 9 and 15.

Michigan State Rep. Jay DeBoyer (R) authored the amendments which he designed to limit the potential for adversarial nations from benefiting from state funding. He said that the passage of the budgets without the security enhancements will result in the abuse of taxpayer funds and put U.S. national security at risk.

Michigan has become a hotspot over concern that corporations connected to the Chinese Communist party are infiltrating the country with help from Democrats in government. Gotion and owner Gotion High-Tech are looking to build plants and factories in the state. The company is deeply connected to Chinese authorities. It’s been pointed out that Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act had provisions within it that allowed Chinese companies to take advantage.

Republican State Senator Jonathan Lindsey railed against Michigan Democrats in comments to the press. He said that his party has worked to raise these concerns for years which the Democrats have downplayed or ignored. He pointed out that now, they are endorsing the use of Michigan’s tax dollars being used to give benefits to Chinese corporations instead of its residents.

Lindsey suggested the policy was bad for the people of Michigan and the nation at large. Democrats queried for comment by the press, including the governor’s office, state Speaker of the House, and majority leaders from both houses failed to yield any comments by the time of writing.

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