For the time being, Senate Republicans have saved us from a democratic disaster. Or should we say a Democrat disaster? Either way, Mitch McConnell & Company have effectively shut down Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to push a full-scale, $4 billion boondoggle to states across the country: A “safe election” fund that would mandate mail-in balloting for the November election. The final bill will provide $400 million towards the election effort, but it will not require states to carve out mail-in voting provisions.

That’s a good thing.

While a limited amount of mail-in voting can make life easier for some, it would be a tragic mistake to expand it dramatically (much less make it the primary way we vote for our officials, including the president). Democrats love the idea, because many of their voters are the type who don’t have cars, drivers licenses, jobs, or any real clear knowledge of where they would go to vote if it doesn’t take place, literally, in the parking lot of the welfare office.

They also love the idea because it opens the door to widespread fraud.

In an important essay for The Daily Signal this week, election-law experts J. Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky outlined why mail-in voting would be a Democratic Party coup:

Pelosi’s coronavirus plan includes mandatory voting by mail. That means the next president would be determined by ballots that have been marked behind closed doors by who knows who, perhaps collected and dropped in the mail (or not) by another who knows who, and then swiftly processed by the U.S. Postal Service, the same organization that routinely delivers us our neighbor’s mail.

When both of us were at the Justice Department, we worked on a case in Noxubee County, Mississippi, where systematic voter fraud was being conducted by a local Democratic Party political machine.

A central component of this fraud was mail ballots. Notaries paid by the machine would roam the county, plucking ballots from mailboxes and voting the ballots in place of the intended voter.

Voting by mail is the single worst form of election possible. It moves the entire election beyond the oversight of election officials and into places where the most vulnerable can be exploited by political operatives.

For as long as anyone can remember, Democrats have tried to reduce the amount of oversight and legal protection built into our election systems. This became glaringly obvious after Trump won the presidency, when the Democrats did everything in their power to stop his administration from taking a national look at voter fraud.

But it was obvious even before then, when one of the major Democratic Party platforms was to eliminate Voter ID requirements at the polling place. Whenever you see an effort to make voting less secure, you can bet your bottom dollar that a Democrat is behind it.

That’s why the idea of ANY “safe election” legislation coming from the desk of Nancy Pelosi is a bad joke.