A 21-year-old New York woman named Abigail Hernandez was arrested last week for threatening to shoot students at East High School in Rochester. Hernandez, whose mug shot is one for the ages, is one of those precious DREAMers that Democrats are so desperate to protect from deportation. We thought all of these DACA kids were budding young lawyers, doctors, and entrepreneurs, but apparently Hernandez missed the memo because she has Welfare Queen written all over her face. Actually, we take that back; anything written on her face would actually be an improvement.

Police announced at a press conference on Friday that Hernandez had penned the threat on the high school’s Facebook page on February 16, just a couple of days after the mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. It read: “I’m coming tomorrow morning and I’m going to shoot all of ya bitches.”

DACA, folks: Let’s extend it forever!

Police aren’t saying whether they ultimately deemed Hernandez’s threat to be serious but they did find a shotgun while searching her home. Of course, as we know by following the gun control debate in the media, mass shootings can only be carried out using AR-15s, so we assume there was never any danger. Plus there’s the fact that all DREAMers are well-adjusted, law-abiding citizens who do more for the United States than any ten natural-born citizens, so none of this really makes any sense. We’d advise the mainstream media to steer well clear of this story because something just isn’t lining up with the very, very true and factual narrative they’ve been selling us.

“Sadly, in wake of the recent Parkland, Florida tragedy, schools across the country have been grappling with social media threats intended to instill fear and anxiety,” East High School superintendent Shaun Nelms said. “While we cannot comment on this particular police investigation around a threat made to East, I want to stress how fortunate we are to be part of a community in which the police department works closely with schools to ensure the safety of the entire school community.”

It should perhaps be noted that Rochester is one of 300+ cities in America that have declared themselves Sanctuary Cities, which means they do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Since DACA is probably not long for this world and since Abigail Hernandez seems like the kind of idiot for whom this will not be a one-off occurrence, we’d recommend that she stay put in Rochester. Otherwise, we might just have to send her back “to a country she’s never known.”