Derek Chauvin Wants His Murder Conviction Overturned

( – Derek Chauvin, the notorious former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of murder for the death of George Floyd in 2020, is attempting once again to overturn his conviction.

Chauvin appeared in court last Wednesday and claimed that new evidence proves he did not cause Floyd’s death by his actions. He said in a motion filed on Monday in federal court that he would not have pleaded guilty during his trial in 2021 if he knew this additional evidence.

Dr. William Schaetzel, a pathologist from Topeka, Kansas, told the former police officer when they corresponded in February that Floyd most likely died from a rare tumor that could cause complications, such as paraganglioma, resulting in a deadly surge of adrenaline. Others skeptical of the conviction have also raised questions about drugs in Floyd’s system. The disgraced Minnesota police officer, who represented himself, is now requesting the judge who worked his trial to overturn his civil rights conviction and call for a new trial, or even just a hearing so Chauvin may present his evidence.

Although Schaetzel did not examine Floyd’s body himself, he did thoroughly review the autopsy reports. Chavin claims in his motion that no jury would ever have convicted him if the pathologists evidence was heard in court.

When the footage of Chauvin holding Floyd down with his knee went viral in May 2020, it sparked protests and riots across the US and internationally, led by the Black Lives Matter movement and other more radical groups, such as Antifa. One of their primary messages was to defund police departments and strip them of their resources, with many expressing even harsher rhetoric than this, wishing harm toward law enforcement.

This created a general environment of mistrust of police across the country and of demoralization amongst those in the profession, leading to massive waves of retirements and a shortage of new recruits interested in taking up the mantle. And then all of that resulted in more crime in urban environments by establishing an environment where criminals felt emboldened.

Those questioning or opposed to Chauvin’s conviction also site this period of unrest as influencing the jury and trial in general, as protesters threatened people involved and created an atmosphere of pressure to hand down a particular conviction. And all of it was exacerbated by the mainstream media coverage of the trial.

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