It continually surprises us how easily the left is able to dismiss famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat who has nonetheless been one of the few partisans able to see right through the left’s attempts to destroy this president. Dershowitz, trust us, has no love for the Republican agenda. And if we were to bet, we would bet that he did not pull the lever for Donald Trump in 2016. But he has been at the forefront when it comes to defending this president – not because he has some loyalty to Trump the individual or to Trump’s agenda (aside from his views on Israel), but because, as a lawyer, he knows that much of what Trump has gone through over the last year has been completely off the charts, clinically, historically INSANE.

That’s why we’ve seen Dershowitz over the past year taking aim at the ludicrous attempts to block Trump’s travel ban on Middle Easter countries, the unserious objections on the part of Democrats to Trump’s illegal immigration crackdown, and, most importantly, the off-script, off-kilter, unconstitutional investigation into Trump’s campaign association with Russia. For being one of the few liberals willing to put aside his political beliefs and simply talk turkey, Dershowitz has been shunned by the #Resistance media, treated like a pariah by Democrat pundits, and called everything from a shill to a conservative whacko. This, for telling the truth. That’s how far away from the normal political spectrum the left has taken us.

But that doesn’t make Dershowitz’s commentary any less valuable, and he dropped some truth bombs on us this week with a stunning op-ed in The Hill about the outrageous FBI operation that took place in New York on Monday.

“Justice Department officials must be careful to limit the searching of lawyers’ offices to compelling cases involving serious crimes,” Dershowitz argues. “We don’t know at this point what the prosecutors are looking for but, if it relates to payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels, that would not seem to justify so potentially intrusive a search of Cohen’s confidential lawyer-client files.”

After noting that there are exceptions to attorney-client privilege, Dershowitz said there was ample reason to believe that the raid of Michael Cohen’s office and home did not rise to the level of those exceptions. He said that this brought forth a circumstance that should concern everyone – not just those who support President Trump.

“I believe we would have been hearing more from civil libertarians — the American Civil Liberties Union, attorney groups and privacy advocates — if the raid had been on Hillary Clinton’s lawyer,” he argues. “Many civil libertarians have remained silent about potential violations of President Trump’s rights because they strongly disapprove of him and his policies. That is a serious mistake, because these violations establish precedents that lie around like loaded guns capable of being aimed at other targets.”

As Dershowitz makes clear, when we stand aside and allow law enforcement officials to get away with illegal activity because we don’t like their target, we set precedent that could one day be used against someone we do. Including, he warns, ourselves.

But Democrats, including those that run the ACLU, are too busy celebrating every move Mueller makes against Trump to see the damage this investigation is doing to our justice system, our civil liberties, and our very democracy.