Dershowitz Predicts Convictions in Newest Indictments

( – One of former President Donald Trump’s former lawyers, Alan Dershowitz, believes “some convictions” will result from the four cases against Trump as the 45th is hit with a fourth indictment this week.

Dershowitz appeared on “Bannon’s War Room” where he told Stephen Bannon that he predicts “there’ll be some convictions” and that he believes prosecutors will try to “get bad convictions” as quickly as possible in all four cases: New York, Florida, Washington, D.C., and now Georgia.

Trump was indicted alongside 18 accomplices named in the filing on Monday night over an alleged conspiracy to overturn the results of the presidential election in The Peach State.

Dershowitz believes the trials will take place before the 2024 election, and that the bad convictions will most likely be reversed only after the election is over. The former lawyer for Trump is implying the point of the indictments is to interrupt Trump’s campaign. He said the intention of this approach of going after Trump “is to get him before the election,” to get a conviction, and that Trump would later win on appeal.

Dershowitz also mentioned the fact that the court website posted an indictment with several charges against the former president and then took it down before the grand jurors even voted, which he said “proves something” that people with criminal law experience already know, which is that “the grand jury is meaningless.” Dershowitz said the grand jury will often “rubber stamp something” put before them by the prosecutor, which is best evidenced by the fact that Willis “was so confident” she “put it on her website even before the vote took place.”

Trump pointed out the suspicious activity as well, in his Truth Social response to the indictment, saying it indicates the justice system is currently “rigged” against him in a coordinated “witch hunt.”

The clerk’s office for the Fulton County Court said the claims about the early document are “fictitious,” yet failed to explain how it ended up on the website early.

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