In an interview with New York radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, fresh off helping President Donald Trump’s legal team defeat the outlandish impeachment charges in the U.S. Senate, said that if Democrats had any designs on returning to real power in Washington, they would need to get rid of the lying, squirrely politicians sitting in positions of leadership.

“I think they need new leadership,” Dershowitz said.

The attorney, who is a Democrat himself, has been dismayed by the direction of the party since Trump took office.

“I think Schumer and Pelosi have to go,” he said. “Schumer, because of his history of lying. You know, Pelosi actually called for me to be disbarred because I had persuaded some senators. I think the Dems need new leaders if they have any chance of returning to power.”

Dershowitz said that, despite all of the apocalyptic handwringing coming from the left, the acquittal of President Trump was an optimistic sign for the country.

“This week was a good week for the United States Constitution. The Constitution won,” he said. “I think the House of Representatives disgraced itself by its partisan vote. And I think the Senate did the right thing by protecting the Constitution. I’m proud of America. The system works.”

Unfortunately, the Democrats have riled themselves and their base into such a fury that they can’t simply admit that they (again) got it wrong. They couldn’t do it in the wake of the Mueller Report, and they can’t do it after Trump’s acquittal on these ludicrous Ukraine allegations.

Just this week, the obese slug calling himself George Conway was writing in the Washington Post that Democrats should go right ahead and impeach Trump again.

“He’ll use whatever means he has at his presidential disposal to redress his bottomless pit of grievances,” wrote Conway, whose wife is Trump’s right-hand woman. “And he’ll only get worse. Narcissistic leaders such as Trump always do. As we’ve now seen, his rage leads to retribution and misconduct, which beget more criticism, and more investigation, and even more rage, retribution and misconduct. Over and over again.

“So America beware: The state is Trump, and he’s very, very angry. We might, indeed, have to do it again,” he concluded.

At this point, we’re skeptical that people like Conway even buy into their own crap. They are the Washington equivalent of the social justice warriors on Twitter who are always desperate to “cancel” some celebrity for saying something vaguely offensive to their woke sensibilities. They’re in it for the drama. They’re in it for the virtue signaling. They’re in it to score internet points and pat themselves on the back for their own high-minded patriot spirit, as it were.

It’s like they don’t even realize that half this country (and growing) is sitting back, watching them, and wondering when America is going to finally bring back the mental institution.