DeSantis Issues Ban On Child Trans Surgeries Plus 4 More

( – Five new pieces of legislation were signed on Wednesday by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as he continues his quest to fortify the Sunshine State against what many describe as the “woke” leftist ideology.

The latest series of bills signed into law by DeSantis will ban trans surgeries on minors, gender ideology in schools, and explicit drag queen shows from being performed in front of children. The bill package is aptly titled Let Kids Be Kids.

The Florida governor said in a statement that his state leads the way “in standing up for our children,” and that “as the world goes mad,” the Sunshine State “represents a refuge of sanity and a citadel of normalcy.”

Judging by how many Americans have fled their states and moved to Florida over the last couple of years, these comments by DeSantis aren’t unfounded. One of the major reasons this happened was the fact that Florida lifted their 2020 pandemic lockdowns earlier than most states and lifted all mandates.

DeSantis seems to be preparing for a 2024 presidential run, and Florida lawmakers recently cleared the way for him to be able to announce his campaign without having to step down from his gubernatorial office.

Before hitting the campaign trail, he continues to sign as much legislation into law as he can, most of which continues to gain him popularity among conservatives who would like to see such policies applied to the whole country.

DeSantis preserved girls’ and women’s sports as well as their bathrooms and locker rooms from trans-identifying males. He made rapists of children 12 and younger eligible for the death penalty. He also banned universities and colleges from using state funds to pay for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. These are only a few of DeSantis’ major legislative wins with a Republican-controlled state House and Senate.

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