DeSantis Lashes Out on Hurricane Conspiracy Theorists

( – Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted climate change alarmists and activists for claiming Hurricane Idalia, which just struck the Sunshine State, has to do with human-induced climate change.

During a press conference on Monday in Yankeetown, Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis dismissed any theories that manmade climate change is causing anything unusual to occur in the Sunshine State. DeSantis said that “in 1896” a storm hit the state that “went on this almost exact track” with the same wind speeds, around 125 mph. He then said that the “most powerful hurricane” ever endured by Florida was in 1935 on Labor Day, which he claims “had 185 mph sustained winds.”

DeSantis told those shouting about climate change to “take a breath” and to get some “perspective” on the matter. He also said that it’s “a lie” that hurricanes can somehow be avoided by adopting “very left-wing policies at the federal level.” He accused some people of “trying to take what happened with different types of storms,” not just in Florida, and to “use that as a pretext” for advancing an agenda that will be carried by everyday folks “that are suffering.”

Hurricane Idalia struck Florida around August 30 after the state buckled down over a few days prior. A preliminary analysis by AccuWeather came up with damage estimates ranging between $18 and $20 billion. Due to the storm’s impact, DeSantis had to put his campaign for the White House on hold to tend to his constituents and manage the cleanup effort.

DeSantis said states shouldn’t rely on federal policies or even funding to contend with natural disasters, and that the best response comes “from the bottom up.” He said most of what the government does is reimburse the states for debris clean-up, but that the local communities and the state itself do “most of the nuts and bolts” work, which DeSantis believes is “how it should be.”

President Joe Biden also raised concerns regarding climate change and the storm two days before visiting Florida, stating that there are “still some deniers out there” who don’t believe “climate change had anything to do” with it, and that America needs “a whole hell of a lot more money.”

The president was unaccompanied by DeSantis during his tour of the wreckage.

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