DeSantis Scheduled to Return to Iowa Next Month for a Fundraiser

( – The potential presidential candidate and his wife Casey DeSantis will be at the “Feenstra Family Picnic” fundraiser as special guests. The event will be hosted by Iowa GOP Rep. Randy Feenstra in Sioux Center, Iowa, who’s hosted two previous fundraisers.

DeSantis said that just like in Florida, “freedom is valued” in Iowa, and that “parents’ rights are protected, and faith comes first.” He stated that he’s happy to support Feenstra who he described as “a strong conservative with a record of delivering results.”

After a sweeping reelection victory as Florida governor in 2022, DeSantis is seen by many to be the most threatening challenger of Trump for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential race – including by Trump himself, whose verbal attacks and criticisms of DeSantis have been relentless. DeSantis still hasn’t officially announced his candidacy, though.

Before his trip to Iowa, DeSantis will also be making his first public appearance in South Carolina this month (another crucial state for Republican votes) at an event in Spartanburg hosted by Sen. Josh Kimbrell. Following the publication of his new book, DeSantis embarked on a “Florida Blueprint” tour to pitch the policies he’s successfully enacted in the Sunshine State as nationwide solutions in other states.

Traditionally, the Iowa caucuses have been where the first contest of the primary cycle kicks off for the presidential race, giving an indication of how the race may play out. Democrats have their attention on South Carolina, but Republicans are still looking at how things will play out in Iowa as the first test of how the 2024 primaries will play out.

DeSantis will have to make a strong case to Iowa voters next month.

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