DeSantis Shines Light on Trump’s Age Ahead of 2024

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis aimed for former President Donald Trump’s age on Tuesday, calling it a concern for voters in the upcoming 2024 election in the same way as President Joe Biden’s age is a concern.

DeSantis appeared on CBS on Tuesday and said he believes that if the Founding Fathers could go back to add age limit requirements to serve in some government offices, “they probably would.” Host Horah O’Donnell asked if voters should be concerned about the age of each front-runner for both major parties. DeSantis replied that he thinks the age of elected officials is “absolutely a legitimate concern,” especially for the presidency, which DeSantis said “is not a job for someone who is 80.”

President Biden is currently 80 years old. Trump is not too much younger at 77, whereas the Florida governor is only 44. DeSantis said “there’s nothing wrong” with being an octogenarian, noting that he’s governor of a state where many seniors go to retire and that he knows “a lot of people who are elderly” and are “great people.” But when it comes to the presidency, DeSantis said it’s “a job where you need to give it 100%” and that the country needs “an energetic president.”

Biden’s age and mental capabilities have been in question since before he even entered the White House and nonstop since he began serving, and even many in his own party have concerns about his ability to serve a second term. This is the first time DeSantis has expressed any doubt about Trump’s age.

Republicans are also criticizing Biden’s age, of course, but not many of them seem to have the same concerns for Trump. When former UN ambassador and current GOP candidate Nikki Haley announced her campaign in February, she didn’t outright name her former boss but called for “a new generation of leadership” in Washington, implying she meant Trump as well as the president.

DeSantis said that if he does win the Republican nomination in 2024 and ends up going against Biden for the general election, he suspects “a lot of Americans” will “want to see a generational passing of the torch.”

DeSantis is currently in second place in the polls for the Republican primaries, but Trump is still leagues ahead of the Florida governor and the other candidates, including Haley.

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