DeSantis Slammed By GOP Group Over Latest Ad

( – A new campaign ad released by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign team is causing some division among Republicans and may be losing the Sunshine State governor votes among people who identify as both LGBT and Republican.

Most notably, the DeSantis ad upset the largest organization for LGBT Republicans in the country, the Log Cabin Republicans.

The ad was shared on the DeSantis War Room Twitter page on Friday. The ad included a clip of former President Donald Trump from 2016 in which Trump promises to “do everything” in his power “to protect” citizens who are LGBTQ. Trump made the statement following the Pulse nightclub mass shooting that took place in Orlando, Florida, and resulted in 49 dead. Also featured in the ad were clips of the former president and Caitlyn Jenner, who is transgender and a Republican.

The point of the ad was to criticize Trump for showing support of LGBT Americans while at the same time touting policies enacted in Florida by DeSantis to push back against teaching LGBT subjects to young children in schools, men in women’s sports, and compelled speech.

The Log Cabin Republicans released a statement about the ad and described it as “divisive and desperate,” accusing DeSantis of “alienating” young voters and voters in swing-states.” They said that while they understand that kids need to be protected, parental rights strengthened, and women’s sports and spaces preserved, the rhetoric of DeSantis is “extreme” and ventures “into homophobic territory.”

The argument the organization is making is that DeSantis can’t seem to distinguish “between commonsense gays and radical Left gays,” and that painting all LGBT people with the same brush only alienates potential Republican voters needed to win “critical races.”

Despite the common misconceptions about Trump promoted by the mainstream media throughout his presidency, he was one of the most supporting presidents in history toward LGBT Americans and the only one to enter office as an open supporter of gay marriage.

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