DeSantis vs Newsom – Key Debate Highlights

( – In the first big face-off between Republicans and Democrats related to the 2024 presidential election, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis went toe-to-toe with California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a debate that ended on a lighter note than expected, with the two presidential prospects complimenting one another.

Before trading compliments, the two debated the major political differences and showcased their differing debating styles. Those issues included crime and public safety, immigration, access to abortion, the economy, and more. Fox News host Sean Hannity moderated the debate and struggled to stop the two opponents from talking over one another more than answering the debate questions.

Perhaps the most obvious takeaway from the debate to highlight is Newsom’s defense of President Joe Biden and the Biden administration. Newsom gave the impression to many that he was simply an avatar for the official White House positions and policies, praising Biden through the debate and defending his policies on border security. Newsom even corrected DeSantis’ pronunciation of Vice President Kamala Harris’ name, telling him to show more respect.

DeSantis went as far as accusing Newsom of a “shadow campaign” for the White House as Biden’s replacement candidate as the president’s fitness for the job remains a question hanging in the air. This accusation of a “shadow campaign” is one DeSantis is no stranger to himself; former President Donald Trump accused the Florida governor of the same thing a few months before DeSantis finally announced his candidacy.

The debate wasn’t an official election event and was billed as a debate between a red and blue state; a face-off between two governors with vastly different views and policies in their respective states. Despite this, the election remains front and center. Newsome even pointed out the low primary poll numbers of DeSantis compared to front-runner Donald Trump.

The two governors battled it out over the 2020 pandemic and differing response policies between their states. They also debated whether or not LGBTQ subjects should be taught in schools, banning books from school libraries, and the legislation passed in Florida to restrict LGBTQ-related curriculum. Two other major debate topics were the ongoing migrant crisis and abortion.

Despite the firefight, the two ended on amicable terms.

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