DeSantis Will Not Concede to Ramaswamy’s Requests

( – Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis had a stern response to fellow presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s general call to all of the other GOP contenders to drop off the ballots from states that are trying to remove former President Donald Trump.

In a recent Fox News appearance on Tuesday, Jan. 2, DeSantis told host Laura Ingraham that Ramaswamy’s demand is “just absurd,” and that he has “a responsibility to accumulate delegates” and will not “unilaterally cede any” but will as many as he can.” DeSantis said he’s been “clear” about how he feels about “those decisions and those states.” The Florida governor expects the decisions in Colorado and Maine to be reversed because they’re “not consistent with the Constitution.”

Immediately after Colorado announced in December that the former president would be disqualified from appearing on their Republican primary ballot, newcomer Ramaswamy took to social media and announced that he would be voluntarily removing himself from any state ballot that would not allow Trump to appear as a candidate. Ramaswamy also called on all his fellow GOP candidates to do the same in solidarity with the former president.

The biotech entrepreneur said that he would not appear on the ballot “until Trump is also allowed to,” and demanded DeSantis, former New Jersey Gov. Chis Christie, and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley “to do the same immediately,” otherwise they’re “tacitly endorsing” a maneuver Ramaswamy said is “illegal” and “will have disastrous consequences” on the US.

DeSantis’ reply came in response to remarks made by Ramaswamy doubling down on this position on New Year’s Day, stating that “it wasn’t a protest,” but a “practical” solution to “actually stop the form of election interference” by nullifying Maine and Colorado. Ramaswamy accused the other candidates of “sidestepping the issue.”

DeSantis also countered Ramaswamy by claiming if one of them had been removed from state ballots, Trump would not return Ramaswamy’s favor but “would be spiking the football.”

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