If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times: Special counsel Robert Mueller is a political operative conducting an investigation that is a search for a crime. That’s quite apart from what his job actually should be, which is to search for a perpetrator. That is not what’s going on here. Disgracing himself and tarnishing his distinguished tenure as the head of George W. Bush’s FBI, Mueller is doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party. He is looking under every golden couch cushion in the Trump business empire to find something – anything – with which to charge the president or one of his top cohorts. This is, Trump has said many times, a witch-hunt of epic proportions.

Unfortunately for the left, it is a witch-hunt without results. The FBI and other intelligence agencies, including Congressional panels, have been looking into the Trump/Russia allegations for more than a year, and they have yet to come up with JACK. A few morsels here and there. A few improprieties that may have – if the left had not grossly exaggerated their importance – had political consequences down the road. But crimes? Treason? Obstruction? Collusion? These are allegations of historic significance, and so far we haven’t seen the slightest evidence to prove the claims.

And now the left, including their besties in the mainstream media, is getting desperate.

So, in an effort to keep a skeptical public engaged in this neverending investigation, they’re going back to the infamous Trump “dossier” report that created so much scandal last December when it was published by BuzzFeed. The dossier, put together by a former British spy named Christopher Steele, alleges that Trump has been groomed by the Putin government for years as a mole inside the U.S., allegiant to Moscow and, indeed, kept loyal through “kompromat.” That kompromat, of course, includes the dossier’s most salacious allegation: That the Russian government has a secret tape of Trump cavorting with prostitutes who, um, liked to play with certain bodily fluids.

None of the dosser’s contents have been confirmed, but that didn’t stop Newsweek’s Jason Le Miere from doing his damnedest to lend it some unwarranted credibility. After spending the bulk of the article demonstrating how many of the dossier’s details have been unproven and, in certain cases, actively disproven, Le Miere somehow reaches the following conclusion:

Although the particular claim that saw the report nicknamed the “golden shower,” or “pee tape,” dossier has not been verified, the intelligence community has corroborated the broad assertion about Russia’s attempts to interfere in the election, CNN has reported. Officials have also agreed that the communication between non-Americans contained in the report did in fact take place. What Trump has called “fake news” would appear to be, at least in part, far more real.

Uh, what? One or two vague details were true, so…the whole thing is probably true? Hahahaha.

In other words, if you want to believe in this fiction, go ahead! Who’s stopping you? Fact?? Pish-posh. To hell with facts and to hell with the president. Just close your eyes, keep clapping your hands, and you can bring Tinkerbell back to life.

One day, historians are going to look back at this and see what a dark day for the Democratic Party this witch hunt really was. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see just how far they’re willing to take this lie and how much the American people will put up with before we collectively cry Uncle!