As if they had not already sunk low enough in their efforts to trash, tarnish, and destroy Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the sick lunatics in the Democratic Party have now resorted to the dirtiest tactics in politics: Doxing. For those unaware, “doxing” means to release the personal details of people in the public arena so that their ideological opponents can begin harassing them and threatening them at home, at work, and wherever else they might find them. And it just happened to Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, and several other Republican senators.

To make matters that much worse, the person who edited Wikipedia to include this personal information did so from the House of Representatives’ internet network. No, that doesn’t necessarily prove that it was an actual elected Democrat who stooped this low, but it very well could. It could also mean it was done by one of their staffers. Regardless, it was almost certainly done by someone with a personal and political vested interest in the outcome of the Kavanaugh hearings. Someone who is enraged by the fact that this weeks-long, sordid smear campaign against him did not have the intended result.

This leaked information isn’t happening in a vacuum, of course. It’s happening at a time when the Democrats and their friends in the media have whipped the left-leaning public into an absolute frenzy. It wasn’t bad enough that they told people that Trump was a dangerous lunatic with designs on becoming a dictator; now they’ve convinced their voters that Brett Kavanaugh is a Christian extremist rapist who will probably start hanging women who have had abortions in the Washington Mall. And so it’s open season on any Republican who allowed this confirmation to happen.

Now, as always, any person who commits violence is responsible for their own actions.

But in an environment such as this, where Democrats and the media are spreading some of the most irresponsible rhetoric in the history of this country, they cannot be excused from their own responsibility. They have set the stage – both actively and tacitly – for something terrible to unfold. As Kavanaugh said, they have sown the wind and they will reap the whirlwind.

Unfortunately, there may be collateral damage.