According to a new political advertisement from something called the Agenda Project Action Fund, Republicans are to blame for concerns over an American Ebola outbreak. Because the GOP has been relentless in cutting funding for American canada goose youth chilliwack  healthcare initiatives, the government has been unable to stop the deadly disease. Their press release concludes that the spread of Ebola will finally expose “the GOP’s fanatical hatred for our government.”

They aren’t alone. This has become a full-scale Democrat talking point in recent days. Hillary Clinton, the woman Dems are counting on to let them hold on to the White House after Obama rides into the sunset,polo ralph lauren uk  made some pointed comments of her own last week. She insists that congressional spending restraints have hurt our ability to fight the disease, taking important resources away from the Centers for Disease Control.


Even if you weren’t privy to polls that all but assure victory for the GOP in November, you would know the Democrats are in trouble based on their desperation. The more they see the Senate slipping out of their grasp, the more they clutch onto straws. The histrionics have reached a fever pitch, and it’s only going to get worse as election day draws near.

As to their charges, they couldn’t be further from the mark. The CDC and other government agencies are plenty funded. The problem is not the amount of taxpayer money we’ve poured into these institutions. The problem is how they’ve used it. For proof, you need look no further than the CDC claim that gun ownership is a major threat to public health. Americans have rejected this premise wholeheartedly, but it goes to show how misguided our federal dollars really are.mens barbour jacket  Guns are not a disease. We have enough law enforcement agencies.


That only scratches the surface when it comes to misappropriated healthcare dollars. The CDC spends an inordinately large portion of their annual budget on things that are only tenuously linked to their mission statement. Consider their community transformation grants,  handed to municipalities to support local farmers, improve sidewalks, and upgrade street lighting. Noble causes, perhaps, but what does it have to do with preventing the spread of diseases like Ebola?

The Democrats want us to believe that the CDC is focused exclusively on preventing communicable disease and that there simply isn’t enough money to go around. They forget that we already know how government works. We’ve seen the insidious waste.

The National Institutes of Health may even be worse when it comes to frivolous spending of tax dollars. Dr. Francis Collins complains that federal funding for his NIH has stagnated. That’s true, but maybe theircanada goose jacket sale failure to find an Ebola vaccine stems from spending their $30 billion annual budget on things like…

– A study of why men don’t like to use condoms

– A study on the effects of cocaine on a quail’s sex drive

– An inquiry into why chimps throw their feces

– A study of transgender American Indians

Very important research, surely, but maybe not quite as important as Ebola? Hopefully, the American people can see through the insidious liberal lies.