Andrew Gillum, the former mayor of Tallahassee and the losing half of the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race, was already a disgraced candidate before he lost that contest to Ron DeSantis. Under FBI investigation for illegally accepting Hamilton tickets from a donor, Gillum nonetheless put up a tough challenge in the race, buoyed by an adoring media and the endorsement of former President Barack Obama.

However, if Gillum might have seemed poised to overcome that loss and further his political career, those dreams appeared to dissolve in March of this year when police found him inebriated beyond comprehension in a hotel room filled with meth and in the company of a male escort. This isn’t necessarily the kind of scandal that a politician can easily come back from, but Gillum tried to forge a way on Monday when he told The Tamron Hall Show that he’s been to rehab and…besides!…he’s part of the LGBT community.

Because that makes everything okay!

“I don’t identify as gay but I do identify as bisexual,” Gillum explained on the show. “And that is something that I have never shared publicly before.”

Having gotten that admission off his chest, Gillum is apparently primed for a return to politics.

“Would it be hard? Absolutely,” he said. “But Donald Trump is president.”

Gillum says this, but then again, Donald Trump wasn’t found in March with a roomful of meth and an inability to explain exactly who the mysterious male escort was lying on the floor, suffering from an overdose. We’re not exactly sure how coming out as “bisexual” completely justifies this episode or makes a voter any more likely to support him in the future. Hell, even the escort is probably suspicious of the man’s motives.

This reminds us of a couple of years ago when men were accusing Kevin Spacey of molesting them when they were underage. Spacey’s tactics were to come out of the closet as gay – a strategy that did nothing to lessen the seriousness of the allegations and nothing to help him keep his Netflix show, “House of Cards.”

We’re guessing Gillum’s Bisexual Admission will be similarly successful.