Disgraced Republican NY Rep. George Santos Officially Announces Re-election Campaign

(TotalConservative.com) – Republican New York Rep. George Santos announced on Monday that he will run for re-election to Congress in 2024.

On Monday afternoon, Santos tweeted “I am proudly announcing my bid for re-election for #NY03.” The disgraced congressman added, “This is about TAKING BACK our country and restoring greatness back to New York.”

Santos also announced to the New York Post which caught him on the street not far from the US Capitol. “It’s a beautiful day here in Washington, DC,” he said to one of their photographers trailing him. “It’s a great day to be an American. It’s a great day to be a Republican, and it’s a great day to announce re-election.” He then started laughing, according to the Post.

The 34-year-old Long Island representative has been a constant feature in the headlines for his laundry list of lies and controversies. Last year, it was revealed that Santos invented many aspects of his backstory which he used to gain sympathy for the election, particularly stating he had Jewish ancestors who survived the Holocaust and that his mother died on 9/11. He also heavily embellished his resume, lying about working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup as well as attending Baruch College.

Some other unusual facts about his past have also emerged, such as the openly gay Santos performing in Brazil as a drag queen, and checking fraud accusations going back to 2008.

Many lawmakers among both Republicans and Democrats have called for Santos to resign, yet the congressman refused. A poll also showed that about 78% of voters also thought he should resign. Now he’s announcing his re-election campaign 17 months ahead of the next election, believing he can raise up to $750,000 over the next year.

The House Ethics Committee is currently investigating Santos for allegations of illegal campaign activity regarding finances, misconduct allegations from a former staffer, and federal conflict-of-interest law violations.

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