Disney Recently Lost Nearly $1B According To Recent Report

(TotalConservative.com) – After losing almost $1 billion on their recent films, it appears that the Walt Disney Company isn’t doing so hot.

According to Valliant Renegade, a box office analyst, Disney suffered around $900 million in losses on the last eight major studio movies they’ve released. “Lightyear,” “Strange World,” “Elemental,” “The Little Mermaid,” and the last four Marvel movies released by the studio amounted to nearly $1 billion.

All eight films cost a total of $2.75 billion to produce, yet Disney only made $1.86 billion from their release, which means they lost a total of $890 million.

It appears American audiences are growing weary of identity politics in their entertainment. Many feel movies and shows that are focusing on “diversity, equity, and inclusivity” (DEI) so much that studios have sacrificed good storytelling and fun for ideological browbeating.

These “woke” storylines seem to be the common theme among movies and series that are flopping. There is a lesbian kiss in “Lightyear,” a gay romance in “Strange World,” and “Elemental” features Disney’s first “non-binary” character.

Another reason Disney is bleeding profits, according to Valiant Renegade, is that the company “consumes all of its own content” after theatrical release. That is, they once licensed big content out to platforms like Netflix, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These third-party contracts were worth billions, so the monetary losses of the company are actually more than what can be calculated simply by looking at production costs and ticket sales.

Disney would have a lot more money if they took those deals instead of keeping all of their content exclusive by launching Disney+. They’ve also been undergoing what the company describes as “strategic restructuring.” Last month, they eliminated 7,000 jobs, about 3.2% of their employees.

Disney is one of many companies experiencing cultural backlash for going “woke.” Target and Bud Light are two other notable examples of those losing money for promoting LGBTQ products and DEI standards.

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