Disney Sues DeSantis For Taking Away Its Toys

(TotalConservative.com) – Disney is firing back at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a lawsuit that challenges the revocation of their special self-governing district status.

The area within the city of Orlando known as Reedy Creek has been under Walt Disney Co’s private control since 1967. Initially passed to grant Disney more autonomy over its parks and infrastructure, the area covers approximately 25,000 acres and includes all its parks, resorts, and surrounding areas.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, April 26th in federal court and is an attempt to abrogate their loss of special self-governing status which was revoked in 2022 in response to Disney lobbying against the anti-grooming Parental Rights in Education Law, famously smeared as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

That law made parental notification a requirement if there was a change in the child’s mental health, including if they began to identify as transgender. It also outlawed radical gender ideology from being taught in Florida schools, including ideas like kids can be born in the wrong bodies or that some people are ‘nonbinary.’ Originally crafted to protect kids in K-3rd grade, the law was expanded earlier in April, prompting the corporate media to revive the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ nomenclature which is completely inaccurate.

Disney’s suit ironically claims DeSantis is “weaponizing government” authority, there’s an entire House Committee investigating how the Democrats have engaged in that exact behavior at the federal level. The lawsuit came on the same day as Florida moved to block a land development deal that would allow Disney to maintain control over the district.

The tourism oversight board appointed by DeSantis declared the deal null and void over their failure to “fully inform the public” regarding the “purposes or contents” of the deal and the impact it would have. The board also suggested the deal entirely benefited Disney, with no benefits to the community.

Disney has been pushing anti-family woke content for years while maintaining pseudo-governmental authority over the Reedy Creek District. Their leadership has made their bed siding with Democrats and their radical gender ideology, and now they can lie in it.

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