Dodgers Suffer Horrific Loss After Supporting Anti-Catholic Nuns

( – The Los Angeles Dodgers suffered a series of dramatic defeats after hosting a group of anti-catholic performers who dress us as nuns and use religious imagery in order to mock and harass believers. After the team celebrated and awarded the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with a “Community Heroes” award, they went on to suffer multiple game losses.

Fans watching in the stadium at the game only numbered a few dozen, while protesters outside were easily in the thousands. Protesters lined the block and at one point were able to completely crowd out the entrance to the stadium before police encouraged them to reorganize.

The game itself didn’t go any better: the Dodgers lost to their arch-rival, the San Francisco Giants, 7 to 5. That heralded an even more dramatic loss to the Giants on Saturday, June 17th where they lost 15 to 0, their worst defeat since William McKinley was president in 1901.

Sunday completed the series with another loss 7 to 3 to the Giants. The Dodgers not only offended thousands of fans, dramatically increasing the likelihood of boycotts and disinterest in baseball, but also managed to achieve their worst loss in over a century on the field. The team further alienated Christians everywhere, perhaps doing significant damage to the sport itself.

The ‘sisters’ have a soiled record, including a DC chapter being led by former Biden administration Department of Energy official Sam Brinton who was arrested, twice, for stealing fancy luggage and the women’s clothing contained therein. A group in Texas exposed one of the sisters for being a convicted child predator. William Travis Dees had previous convictions for multiple counts of abusing children and somehow got himself involved in a Drag Queen Story Hour before being exposed.

Inclusion is touted regularly by progressives as an ideal to strive for, but that seems to mean including predators who target women and children and organizations that protect them.

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