Duke University’s Women’s Center is launching a nine-week program this week aimed at “interrogating male privilege and patriarchy.” But the program isn’t intended for women – it’s designed for male students to come and learn (or, more specifically, unlearn) everything there is to know about being a man in today’s society.

“There is a sense of passivity that must be overcome,” Duke Junior Tanner Johnson told the school’s newspaper, The Chronicle. “It’s easy to say you’re a feminist but actually embodying what that means is a different story – it’s changing how you see the world, straying away from the savior complex that you get assigned from other people and recognizing that the labor we put in really pales in comparison to the labor all the other women have put in to this movement.”

So, let’s get this straight. The “Duke Men’s Project” is not aimed at women. Nor is is it intended for men who resist feminism. It’s aimed at men who identify as feminists already! And through this program, they can not only trace back all the conditioning that made them so horrible and violent and aggressive, they can also be taught to feel guilty about trying to further the feminist cause!

Explain why any guy would voluntarily identify themselves as a feminist?

Worth noting: Throughout the Chronicle article, “men” are referred to as “male-identified individuals.”

So yeah, we’ve reached that point.

“I’m excited that we are doing our own part to proactively deconstruct masculinity,” one of the program’s founders told the paper. “But we also must remember that we owe a lot to the feminist work that was already occurring on campus.”

Jesus, these guys can’t even talk about their pro-feminist agenda without pandering to The Superior Female. It’s good that we’re doing this…oh, but we’re not doing anything compared to real female feminists. Er, female-identified feminists.

Surely this is just a thinly-veiled attempt to get laid…

But no, the concept of “toxic masculinity” is a hot new trend in the feminist world, and its believers are legion. They insist that boys are brought up to deny their emotions – other than anger – and resist any form of weakness. This psychology supposedly contributes to societal violence, depression among men, and suicide, among other problems.

To be sure, you’re asking for trouble if you call your son a “wimp” or worse every time he sheds a tear or picks up a Bratz doll; you’ll end up raising a dumb bully, not an honorable man.

But the champions of this movement don’t want to just get rid of the hyper-masculine nonsense; they want to erase every last boundary that exists between women and men, right down to biology itself. They don’t want to admit that many of the emotional and psychological differences between the sexes are inborn, even though studies have proven this to be true. To them, “healthy masculinity” is not the cure for “toxic masculinity.” No, no. Masculinity ITSELF is toxic.

Unless, of course, it is exhibited by a woman.