According to Grover Norquist, the president of the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, liberals don’t need to believe in Santa Claus at Christmastime; for them, the federal government is the only magical giftbringer they need in their lives.

On Christmas, Norquist tweeted, “Mom and Dad earn the $, buy, wrap the presents. Children believe Santa did it.”

“Kinda like the view liberals have,” he noted. “‘The government did it.'”

To drive the point home, he followed the tweet up with another dimension to the analogy: “Children grow up and realize Santa is fiction,” he wrote. “The state is the dangerous fiction by which everyone hopes to live off others’ work (Bastiat).”

Of course, those actively seeking a handout only constitute one portion of the Democratic Party’s voter base. Another segment of their voters are what you might call “altruistic” voters. The bleeding-hearts. Many of them know exactly what it takes to create a happy and successful life because they did it themselves. But they either look back at their hard work and mistake it for luck or they feel they are somehow genetically superior than most Americans, making it necessary for the country to coddle and care for them like helpless infants.

The truth, though, is that the most dangerous segment of the liberal voting base falls into neither category. They are the “low information voters” and they are legion. They voted for Obama because he was young and cool and black. They voted for Hillary Clinton because “Trump is a racist.” They don’t even know what the words “conservative” and “liberal” mean, much less which one they are. If Comedy Central, Reddit, and Leonardo DiCaprio agree that Republicans are evil, then that must be the truth.

When you realize this fact, you see how pointless a lot of our political arguments really are. How can you convince these people that their freedom shrinks as the federal government grows if they just thought it would be cool to see the first female president?

This is the true genius of the Donald Trump campaign that so many people don’t want to grasp. He knows what so many other politicians don’t: That there’s no one to convince! The hardened liberals aren’t going anywhere. The voters waiting on a handout aren’t going anywhere. Page thirteen of your education agenda isn’t winning a single vote. It just isn’t.

Democrats don’t gain power by explaining the logic of their political philosophy to undecideds. They gain power by hiding their true agenda behind so many layers of nonsense that voters can’t see who they really are.

A dangerous fiction, indeed.