In a disturbing interview with Breitbart News on SiriusXM this week, election fraud expert Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute said that it’s “fair to assume” that thousands of illegal aliens will get ballots in the mail this year in California. The author of “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election” said that Gov. Gavin Newsom is opening the door wide for Democrats to pump up their numbers in a year where most California voting may happen by mail.

The Democrats have put their faith in mail-in voting this year, concerned that voters will stay home out of fear of contracting the coronavirus. But with nearly 30 million mail-in ballots confirmed to have gone missing in the last four election cycles, Republicans warn that moving the country to an all-mail election risks exposing our democracy to rampant fraud.

Eggers said that California’s move to a mail-in election combined with the state’s policy of providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens was a mixture that could prove deadly to our election security.

“What if the ballots go to illegal immigrants that willingly or unwillingly ended up on the voter rolls and maybe they just don’t even know they’re not supposed to be casting ballots? Because remember, elsewhere in California and elsewhere nationally, it is legal for noncitizens to vote in certain local elections,” he said.

“Basically, what you’ve got is this hodgepodge of a lack of oversight, lacks regulation, and confusion by the general public,” Eggers continued. “And oh, by the way, there’s a global pandemic, so many people are focused on other things at the moment. And so here come all the ballots, and yes, many of the people that will get the ballots will be legal voters, but many of those ballots will end up somewhere other than in the hands of legal [voters], and that’s exactly where the recipe for fraud can occur.”

Eggers said that “it’s fair to assume that a good number of those [illegals getting licenses] inadvertently or intentionally ended up on the voter rolls, and those people are about to be receiving a mail-in ballot.”

Eggers went on to say that mailing ballots to illegal aliens was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of California’s lack of election security. He noted that the practice of ballot harvesting has proven to be a boon for Democratic candidates in California, and that it’s the height of hypocrisy to let this practice continue while preventing citizens from voting in person.

“We’re being told to stay home,” he noted. “We can’t go out and do many of the most basic functions of American life but we can sure send these asymptomatic carriers to the elderly and anybody else’s house they want to collect a ballot and drop it off.”

Democrats have been tirelessly fighting for years to dismantle election security in the United States, claiming everything from racism to voter suppression to burdens on the elderly to bolster their arguments. Now they are going to use a pandemic to get what they’ve always wanted: A fraudulent free-for-all where they can rig the results.