At the “She the People” presidential forum last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren came about as close as we’ve ever heard any Democrat express plainly the beliefs of the left. In her disempowering, gloomy remarks, Warren revealed what she really believes about the nature of American success, and it is pretty much the polar opposite of that little thing called reality. Through a boring tale about how her mother struggled to make ends meet with a minimum wage job, Warren laid out her philosophy. It goes something like this: Your success, or lack thereof, mostly depends on federal government regulations.

Imagine going through life with that nonsense in your mind.

“I was in middle school when it’s just my mama and my daddy and me,” said Warren. “The boys are gone—my three older brothers, they’ve all gone off to the military. My daddy has a heart attack. Everybody thinks he’s going to die. He comes back home, he can’t work. My mother has never worked outside the home. We lose our family station wagon. My mother is terrified. I hear her at night, I hear her cry.

“I learn words like mortgage and foreclosure from my parents late at night while I’m supposed to be asleep,” she said.

Also words like “reservation” and “totem pole,” we assume.

“What I learned eventually about that story is it’s a story about government and how no matter how hard you work, the rules that are made by the people in government will still make the big difference in your life,” said Warren. “Because when I was a girl, a full time minimum wage job in America would support a family of three—it would pay a mortgage, it would cover the utilities, and it would cover food. Today a minimum wage job in America will not keep a momma and a baby out of poverty.”

That’s just such a bankrupt philosophy. No matter how hard you work, if the government isn’t in your favor, you’re not going to be okay. The government is THE major determining factor in your life. How sad. How antithetical to everything that this country is all about. How abjectly immoral to go out and tell Americans that a minimum wage job is supposed to be the beginning and the end of the ladder.

There are always going to be plenty of people out there primed to hear a message like this. It’s the perfect message for people with a Big Blame List of reasons why they aren’t doing well in life. Oh, it’s the fault of those damn greedy bankers. It’s the fault of those heartless Republicans. Always waiting around for some magic fairy to fall out of the sky and save them from their circumstances.

Elizabeth Warren is campaigning to be that fairy. And people will vote for her, not realizing that she could do everything she promises to do…and nothing in their lives would really change at all. Success just doesn’t come by way of a handout. Not today, not 1,000 years ago, not ever.