Elon Musk Calls BBC Reporter a Liar During Interview

(TotalConservative.com) – Telsa founder and Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently had an interview with the BBC in which he blasted the journalist questioning him about his Twitter policies when the journalist failed to cite any specific examples of hate speech.

During the interview, while discussing upcoming layoffs and the difficult journey Musk has endured after purchasing the social media platform last year, BBC reporter James Clayton claimed that hate speech was flourishing on Twitter and confronted Musk about the issue, claiming not enough staff were remaining to handle the problem.

Musk hit back by asking Clayton to cite specific examples of the hate speech he was referring to. “What hate speech are you talking about?” he asked. He questioned if Clayton saw a “rise in hate speech” or if it was “just a personal anecdote,” saying he personally has not seen such a rise.

Clayton responded that he himself did personally witness more hate speech on the platform, which Musk challenged him on by asking him to cite one example. The BBC reporter was stumped and couldn’t come up with a single example, eventually admitting that he doesn’t “use that feed anymore because I just don’t particularly like it,” referring to the “For You” feature on the platform.

“I’m asking you for one example,” Musk said, “and you can’t give a single one.” He then told the reporter “You don’t know what you are talking about.”

Musk went on to accuse Clayton of lying. After failing to cite any examples of hateful content while claiming such content is high, Musk shot down Clayton’s claim as obviously “false.” “You just lied,” he says to the reporter.

Clayton then said he saw others reporting on the rise in hate speech rather than having witnessed it himself on his own Twitter feed, to which Musk pointed out again that Clayton initially claimed he saw it while being unable to give an example, which Musk called “absurd.”

Twitter is currently facing some pressure from the European Union to hire more staff to moderate content and crack down on hate speech in compliance with the Digital Services Act.

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