Elon Musk Calls Gender-Affirming Care Evil

(TotalConservative.com) – Twitter boss Elon Musk, no stranger to controversy, called out the use of puberty-blocking chemicals, gender-bending hormones, and genital mutilating surgeries for minors who cannot give consent for the permanent procedures due to their youth and naivety. Musk was responding to another controversial figure in conservative content creation, Dr. Jordan Peterson, who tweeted a picture of Heath Ledger’s Joker with the caption “The phrase ‘gender-affirming’ care is a criminally evil lie.”

Musk tweeted “‘Gender-affirming care for minors’ is pure evil.” Peterson was responding to an article about the recent ban in the state of Texas against the procedures for minors. This is the kind of legislation that leftists call “homophobic” or “anti-LGBTQ” when in reality it’s as basic as protecting minors from opting into experimental medical procedures with a high rate of regret and lifelong complications.

The procedures not only sterilize youths, but can also destroy their ability to achieve arousal, orgasm, and other romantic feelings as adults. Many states have prohibitions against ear piercing or tattoos for those under age but will allow these procedures to continue under the guise of medicine.

Calling the issue “a major problem,” Musk discussed his intentions to lobby against the protocols for children. He further tweeted “Shame on those who advocate [for] this,” calling the practice “utterly contemptible.” Musk isn’t some rabid anti-trans bigot, either. He’s previously agreed to use preferred pronouns, comparing the practice to using someone’s nickname or middle name if that’s their preference. He simply believes folks should wait till adulthood before making these kinds of decisions, and that parental authority is not enough.

States like New York have enshrined protections for the procedures for parents who want to abscond with their children from states where they are prohibited. It wasn’t too long ago that a mother of a 10-year-old was arrested last year after it was discovered he had gotten a tattoo. Too bad she didn’t try to cut his genitals off, that would have been just fine with state authorities.

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