Well, we’ve reached peak embarrassment as a nation. Thanks to freedom-hating Democrats and censorship-happy cretins in Silicon Valley, we now have foreign leaders lecturing the United States on the value of free speech. Just this week, the AP reports that French President Emmanuel Macron is deeply concerned about the way Big Tech slapped a big fat piece of tape over Donald Trump’s mouth in the closing weeks of his presidency.

From the AP:

French President Emmanuel Macron says he was “very upset” by the way social networks muzzled Donald Trump at the tail end of his U.S. presidency. Speaking in a recorded video chat with scholars, Macron cited Trump’s example in arguing for more government regulation of social media platforms. The comments, which Macron made in English, were released Thursday by the Atlantic Council think tank.

“At the very second when they were sure” that he would not hold onto power, platforms that had previously “helped President Trump to be so efficient” in making himself heard “suddenly cut the mic and put the mic on mute and killed … all the platforms where it was possible for himself and his supporters to express themselves,” Macron said.

“It was a unique answer to deliver, but it’s not a democratic answer,” he said.

When France is warning America that we’re in danger of losing our freedom to a cabal of Big Tech CEOs who answer to basically no one, we should probably sit up and listen. Once upon a time, our country was the beacon of liberty for the rest of the world. These days, the rest of the world is tapping us on the shoulder and reminding us of our own values. While Democrats in Congress pressure Facebook and Twitter to DO MORE to censor conservatives, international leaders are taking steps to limit Big Tech’s power.

Last month, Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador said that he’s interested in organizing an international anti-censorship alliance.

“I can tell you that at the first G20 meeting we have, I am going to make a proposal on this issue,” he said. According to his government, France, Germany, the EU, and other countries have expressed interest in joining him. Already, Hungary and Poland have taken steps to hold social media companies legally accountable for their censorship.

It’s pretty damn scary when HUNGARY and POLAND are further ahead on issues of free speech than the U.S. Maybe it’s about time we wake up and figure out that these tech corporations are not friends to freedom.