When President Obama handed amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal aliens, he also made it much more difficult to compete with these individuals for the country’s jobs. Not only will newly-protected illegals be willing to work for less pay, but they will also benefit from a little loophole in the Affordable Care Act. That loophole allows businesses to save $3,000 per employee when they choose to hire illegals over citizens.

How could this happen? Simple. To avoid the kind of backlash he’s already getting, Obama made sure that the beneficiaries of his amnesty plan would not be eligible for public benefits. Since Obamacare is now one of those benefits, businesses will not be compelled to cover them. The employer mandate allows for a $3,000 penalty for not providing health coverage, a fee businesses will be able to avoid by hiring illegal immigrants.

What Can Be Done?

One possible answer would be to roll back the president’s executive action, but Republicans don’t seem to have that kind of fight in them. We’ll see, but the early signs aren’t good. A few of the scrappier senators have talked about dramatic options, but the establishment seems surprisingly willing to put their heads in the sand on this one.

So…what else? Well, we could get rid of the employer mandate. Obamacare forces any business with 50 employees or more to provide insurance coverage to full-time workers. Even before it goes into effect, we’ve seen companies cut worker hours back just enough to get around the proposed penalties. If we were to eliminate that part of the law, we could improve the employment situation and close this disastrous loophole that favors illegal workers over legal ones.

What we cannot do – and what the GOP is too often willing to do – is just let it happen. Just let it happen and pretend nothing is wrong and file worthless lawsuits and cross our fingers for 2016. No. That kind of appeasement has to end. Republicans got a reputation for obstructionism when they stood up to Obama’s awful policies in the first half of his presidency, but that’s better than letting him mold the country into his idea of American socialism. We’re already too far down that path. It’s time to start fighting back.

It starts by making a stink about it. We can’t afford to wait until the 2016 primaries begin to let Americans know what their president is doing. We can’t just save this stuff in a bottle so we have some compelling campaign commercials. We’re at a point right now where voters are already incensed about Obama’s amnesty. We have the political capital, we have the numbers, and we have the facts. Next step, take meaningful action.