Energy Groups Beg Congress To Save Them From Biden

( – Biden’s EPA is attempting to control how energy is produced in the United States over the coming decade, with multiple professional organizations publicly concerned that the new rules might force plants to shut down and ultimately threaten the reliability of the electrical grid.

Over 40 professional groups were signatories to an open letter criticizing new rules from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would require coal and natural gas power plants to spend incredible sums of money on carbon capture technology to maintain compliance with federal regulations. They suggest that the technology is still early in development and not efficient enough for mass adoption.

They’re also asking Congressmen to support legislation from Republicans Rep. Troy Badlerson (OH) and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (WV) that would invoke the Congressional Review Act to abrogate the implementation of the new rules, which would otherwise be fully implemented by 2032. The plans were finalized in April of this year.

The letter warns that the EPA scheme “will kill” our current coal generating power plants under the weight of their ridiculous requirements. They also warned that investment in the development of natural gas power plants will also decline. Both will increase the cost of electricity for consumers, negatively impacting supply, as well as potentially threatening the reliability of the entire grid.

They also argued that current energy demand is increasing due to a variety of factors, including the development of large datacenters and artificial intelligence technology, growth in the electric car industry, and recent desires to bring back high-tech manufacturing to mainland U.S. facilities.

Organizations who signed the letter included the American Energy Institute, the Western Energy Alliance, the American Consumer Institute, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The EPA claims that their new rules won’t cause any problems nor negatively impact grid reliability. Many professionals have suggested the opposite is the case.

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