Epstein’s Brother Accuses Barr of Cover-Up

(TotalConservative.com) – With his brother Jeffrey Epstein back in the headlines, Mark Epstein is now weighing in on his brother’s death in 2019, accusing the former US Attorney General of covering up what really happened.

Epstein appeared on the show “On Balance” on NewNation and told host Leland Vittert that Bill Barr had no place commenting on his brother’s cause of death in a jail cell in August 2019. Epstein criticized the former Attorney General for making an announcement right after the financier’s death that it was “from an apparent suicide,” something Epstein said “wasn’t really [Barr’s] position to do.”

Epstein also claimed the investigation of his brother’s death was conducted improperly. He pushed back against the narrative promoted by Barr, who said his brother’s death was due to “a perfect storm of screw-ups.” Epstein agreed that screw-ups took place but added that this doesn’t mean his brother “committed suicide because of screw-ups.” He claims there are “a lot of reasons” why his brother “would not commit suicide.”

He also told the “On Balance” host that his brother claimed to have “dirt” on former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and former President Donald Trump, who were candidates running for the White House at the time. Epstein said his brother did not tell him “what that dirt was.” He also clarified that he “wasn’t involved” in his brother’s “day-to-day life” and therefore doesn’t know much.

Epstein pondered whether or not Barr was covering up what happened, which he said “it appears to be,” and questioned who he may be protecting by doing so. “Who was [Barr] covering it up for?” he asked.

The statements come on the heels of a recent release of court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, previously redacted, which named prominent figures such as Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton as clients of a “massage network” run by the socialite with his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence.

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