Epstein’s Former Ranch Finds Buyer

(TotalConservative.com) – The New Mexico ranch previously owned by infamous child trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been sold for an undisclosed amount to an anonymous buyer. The Zorro Ranch was on the market for a little over two years with its asking price slashed from $27 million to just $18 million.

Attorney for the Epstein estate Daniel Weiner confirmed the sale and said the money would go to pay creditors and taxes. He added that the final amount the property sold for would be revealed in the next quarterly filings for the estate in St. Thomas, USVI.

Epstein had reportedly wanted to use the property to churn out several babies with underage brilliant young women. Multiple victims have reported being raped or assaulted on the property while minors. No charges were ever laid out against Epstein in New Mexico, however.

According to the New York Post, the property went under contract in July. The Daily Mail obtained exclusive photographs of the home’s interior in May 2022. The property features 8,000 acres, a huge three-story main house with four bedrooms, and an additional home on the property for caretakers.

The official story is that Epstein killed himself in prison in August 2019 while awaiting trial, however, that story has been highly scrutinized due to multiple coincidences like cameras failing and prison guards falling asleep. Epstein’s infamous black book also contained the names of billionaires, royalty, and politicians around the world, so the motivation to silence him before trial was pretty obvious. There was also a connection to the intelligence world, specifically the CIA and Israeli Mossad.

Before his death in 2019, two women gave first-hand accounts of their assaults in court at the Zorro ranch in 2004. One of the victims said she was abused for hours before Epstein ultimately took her virginity at the age of 15.

Epstein purchased the ranch from Gary King in 1993 who was New Mexico’s attorney general. Virginia Giuffre has also reported being trafficked while at the ranch and Maria Farmer reported that her sister, Annie, was assaulted by Ghislane Maxwell, Epstein’s surviving co-conspirator who is now serving a sentence in prison.

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