The European Union is built on a supposed platform of caring and sharing, all in the interests of forming a continent-wide corollary to the United States – a sprawling conglomeration of kindred interests that will thrust humanity into the next great stage of our cultural and economic evolution.

But God help you if you choose not to be a part of it.

EU leaders are still incensed with the British for their shocking vote to leave the Union last year, and now they’re growing irritated with the UK for dragging its feet on getting out the door. So much so that EU negotiators Michel Barnier is openly threatening Great Britain with a lesson that they will only learn by accepting the punishment due them.

We’re going to “teach the British people and others what leaving the EU means,” Barnier, a former French foreign minister recently said. Insisting that Brexit would be an “educational process” for the (obviously Neanderthal) British people, he said he predicted bad times ahead for those who left the cozy confines of their globalist government.

“There are extremely serious consequences of leaving the single market and it hasn’t been explained to the British people,” Barnier said. “We intend to teach people what leaving the single market means.”

Cue trembling hands.

Supporters of Brexit in and outside the UK government, on the other hand, argue that the EU is trying to extort the British for a lump sum $100 billion payout as a condition of a clean exit. Don’t pay the ransom? Forget about making favorable trade deals with us? Prominent Brexit support Nigel Farage wasn’t shy about putting a blunt spin on it: “The EU are behaving like gangsters,” he tweeted in April. “They’re treating Britain like a hostage when in fact we’re now free.”

The fate of the Brexit deal will be instructive – not just for the European Union, which thinks it holds a lot more economic power in its hands than it does – but for Trump’s America as well. This is a new day for the British people. We’re going to get a crash course, first hand view of what happens when a country takes back full sovereignty and begins to reverse course on the unrestrained, globalist trade-and-immigration deals of the last twenty years. And you know what? We have a strong feeling that the pessimists are going to be eating their words.