Even Santos Doesn’t Think He’ll Survive the Next Expulsion Attempt

(TotalConservative.com) – Republican Rep. George Santos of New York, the controversial congressman embroiled in scandal, says he now expects he will also be expelled soon from Congress, which Santos said he would be proud of.

Santos appeared on a live Twitter space hosted by Monica Matthews, a conservative political commentator and media personality. During the live conversation, Santos said he knows he’s “going to get expelled” when the latest “expulsion resolution goes to the floor.” Santos claims he’s “done the math over and over” and stated “it doesn’t look really good” for him. He also claimed he would wear expulsion “as a badge of honor” if it happened.

Earlier in November, the House Ethics Committee released a report alleging “substantial evidence” proving Santos broke federal law. The 56-page report details how the New York congressman used his businesses and his campaign to funnel large amounts of money for personal expenses. Some of the allegations for how the money was spent include luxury shopping sprees, Botox injections, adult purchases on OnlyFans, as well as travel, rent, parking, and expensive dinners.

The Ethics Committee chairman, GOP Rep. Michael Guest of Mississippi, introduced a resolution following the report calling on Santos to be expelled. Guest says the investigation into Santos produced “more than sufficient” evidence “to warrant punishment,” the “most appropriate” of which he believes “is expulsion.”

Santos called the report a political “hit piece” and accused Guest of trying “to bully” him out of Congress and dared the Mississippi representative to introduce a “privileged” resolution, which would require the House to consider it within the span of two legislative days. The New York congressman, who pleaded not guilty to all 23 of his federal charges, didn’t address the allegations in the report, dismissing them as “slanderous.”

During a lengthy discussion on the matter, Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California pressed Santos on why he didn’t resign, warning him that expulsion was imminent. Santos responded by saying he wasn’t “scared of it” and reiterated his refusal to step down.

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