Ex-Border Patrol Agent Urges GOP to Stand Their Ground

(TotalConservative.com) – Mark Morgan, the former commissioner for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), pleaded with GOP members of Congress to keep up the fight by continuing to push for border security amid the current budget shutdown with the Biden administration.

The former CBP commissioner appeared on No Noise TV on Thursday, Dec. 21, and told the host of “Just the News” that the GOP has “never been in a stronger position” than at the current “moment in time in history,” and that if the party doesn’t “seize upon this,” he doesn’t believe they will ever have another opportunity.

Morgan says it’s time for “Republicans to step up and educate the American people” and to make the executive branch put US “border security” and “sovereignty ahead of other nations.” According to Morgan, although there’s nothing inherently wrong with assisting other nations with securing their borders, America must focus on securing its borders first and foremost.

Morgan is one of the lawmakers who helped craft the “Secure the Border Act,” a bill that would approve the immediate continuation of constructing a border wall, grant additional resources to border patrol agents, and provide more funding for border security technology.

Data released by the CBP in October showed that out of the 3.2 million who tried to enter the US illegally, 736 of the immigrants intercepted at the border during Fiscal Year 2023 appeared on terrorist watchlists. The finding is causing lawmakers to ring their alarm bells even louder than they already were, raising serious concerns about national security.

Morgan said that “right now,” the US has its “own war” that it’s fighting, clarifying that he used the word “war” intentionally. He said this war is being fought “on our own borders” against the cartels, who he described as an “enemy.”

Republican Rep. Rich McCormick of Georgia doesn’t believe the act will pass. He accused the Senate and Biden of sitting on the law. McCormick also pointed out how the president and Senate aren’t even attempting to combine it “with other things” they want because they refuse to “compromise in securing the border.”

Morgan criticized the Senate GOP for attempting to compromise on securing the border. He said although he understands “we need people to come together” to compromise on certain issues, securing the border is “not one of them.”

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