Ex-Twitter Executives To Testify To Congress About Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

(TotalConservative.com) – Former Twitter executives will testify the first week of February before the House Oversight Committee to directly address questions about how the social media giant handled the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story shortly before the 2022 election. This will be the first time Twitter executives are called to congress to discuss censorship on the platform since Republicans took over the House and acquired investigative powers by becoming the majority.

The Twitter Files have revealed that this was a political decision debated at the highest echelons of power in the company, including the CEO at the time Jack Dorsey. Scheduled to testify next week are James Baker, Vijaya Gadde, and Yoel Roth. Each of them has had recurring spotlights in the Twitter Files, so it will be interesting to observe their testimony under oath with the receipts readily available.

James Baker was exposed as having worked for the FBI before his time at Twitter. Baker was only one of dozens of former federal employees who ended up at Twitter. Baker himself was fired after his role in obfuscating the release of the first Twitter Files was revealed and his FBI connection established publicly.

Vijaya Gadde is the former head of the trust and safety team. She became known after journalist Tim Pool exposed her and Jack Dorsey for lying about how they enforce policy on the Joe Rogan Experience. Her name is attached to dozens of emails and slack chats in the Twitter Files, and many of the decisions about what was censored and what was allowed on the platform were made by her.

Yoel Roth was the head of safety and integrity at Twitter, and he was another of the individuals responsible for the decision to censor the Hunter Biden story. He came out in November 2022 admitting the decision was a mistake. He had a special working relationship with FBI agent Elvis Chan, which was key to the decision to censor the story.

It’s astounding how the corporate press claims the Twitter Files is a “nothing burger.” The collaboration between public and private entities in order to push a political agenda is hard to miss. There’s a specific word for that by the way.

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