MSNBC is the home of unfiltered, left-wing kookery, and there’s probably no host on the network who has as high a tolerance for this nonsense than Joy Reid. Her show is a clearing house for some of the most unhinged personalities on the left, and she never lifts so much as a finger to push back on even their most indefensible remarks. If you want to go on cable television and be wrong, AM Joy is the place to do it.

This weekend, Tiffany Cross was filling in for Reid, which did nothing to bring sanity to the show. Cross and her guests were discussing the need for a new COVID stimulus package and ignoring the fact that the Senate has already approved a bill that would put in excess of a trillion dollars into the economy. The only party standing in the way of this bill is the one with the big D in the beginning of the name and a big B at the top of the political food chain. Nancy Pelosi refuses to negotiate for anything less than a $4 trillion Democratic treat bag, and her supporters are more than happy to go on TV and pretend that somehow it’s Trump and Mitch McConnell standing in way of relief.

Supporters like Cross, who said that Americans are “starving” in the absence of a new COVID bill. She did not provide any numbers or data to back up this claim, but like we said: On AM Joy, you don’t have to do any of that. As long as you are blaming the right people and touting the right narrative, you can say whatever you want.

Speaking of that, it brings us to the Rev. William Barber, who DID bring some numbers with him. Ridiculous, unsubstantiated numbers, true, but numbers nonetheless.

“I want to bring in now Bishop William Barber, who’s the co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, and author of ‘We Are Called To Be A Movement,” Cross said. “Bishop Barber, I’m so happy to have you with me on this Sunday morning, because you and I have talked about the stark reality for the American people all across this country as 8 million people have plunged into poverty. What’s your thought on the current situation, and how can we connect the humanity of what’s happening with the political maneuvering in Congress?”

“Let’s make it plain,” Barber said. “You cannot get out of this without dealing with the issue of poverty and low wealth. And I’m saying that to all of the politicians. We got to say poverty ought to be the upfront issue. We already had 140 million people in poverty, 250,000 dying a day before COVID. Now we’re saying, eight million more people have fallen into poverty since May and Tiffany, this is not being discussed.”

140 million people! 45% of Americans live in poverty, according to this guy. This must be the same America where, as Joe Biden put it, 200 million people have died from the coronavirus.

Reverend, maybe the reason this stunning situation is “not being discussed” is because…um…you made it up in your head.