Exclusive Report Suggests Biden and Secret Service Identified Cocaine User

(TotalConservative.com) – An explosive exclusive report from Soldier of Fortune Magazine claims the Secret Service identified who brought a small packet of cocaine into the White House last month, spurring a flurry of concern over anthrax as the area was evacuated until the substance was identified. Reporter Susan Katz Keating claims to have spoken with three separate security personnel who were not authorized to disclose details to the media.

Those sources all told Keating it wasn’t Hunter Biden. Many have suspected the president’s son due to his infamous and ample contact with prostitutes and powdered stimulants.

In her report, Keating claims the Secret Service identified the individual and reported their findings to President Biden. One of the sources told Keating that Biden knows who was responsible and that she should ask him directly. Another source suggested the coke user was in the Biden’s orbit, and that it wasn’t Hunter Biden. The third source reported that they identified a fingerprint on the packet.

If these details are accurate, it suggests the Secret Service was covering up criminal activity and lied when they claimed on July 13th that they weren’t able to identify the individual responsible. The story about where the cocaine was found changed several times, indicating that the narrative evolved over time.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer called the quibbling over the location “gibberish” in a post on Twitter. He was upset they refused to give the specific location where the drugs were found.

Ultimately the Washington Post was used to deploy the final location: an area frequented by visitors. In their piece, they suggest frequently that the area was highly trafficked by visitors and so anyone who came into the White House could be responsible. Some writers critiqued this claim as a move to distance Biden and his associates from the scandal.

Keating texted several Bidens including the President, Hunter Biden, Ashley Biden, and Jill Biden. She also reached out to Kamala Harris. She did not get a response from anyone and exhausted all other means to attempt to get a comment.

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