Experts Warn Acetaminophen Use In Children Toxic

( – New research is causing experts to urge caution when it comes to administering acetaminophen-containing medications to children. Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in dozens of different name-brand fever reducers and pain management medications like Tylenol.

While researchers had been previously aware of the chemical’s liver toxicity, it was previously suspected, but unstudied, whether the drug had an impact on the developing nervous systems of young children.

Dr. William Parker is the CEO of WPLab and his deep literature review has found troubling associations between administration of the drug at prescribed doses for children and the development of autism spectrum disorders that impair cognition and social skills.

Parker critiqued previous studies in that they exclusively looked at maternal use during pregnancy. The real damage occurs when babies or small children are given the drug peddled as “safe and effective” during the first few years of life. His review found three key aspects that had hitherto gone unnoticed by mainstream medicine.

Permanent brain damage can result from doses at or lower than the recommended values. The drug impacts males more than females, and his literature review found it was true for rats and humans. Acetaminophen can kill brain cells at doses at or lower than what is required for liver damage.

Crucially Parker and his team were able to demonstrate that spikes in autism spectrum disorders correlated with major social campaigns that increased the prevalence of acetaminophen in the market. The first was a push to replace aspirin with acetaminophen which began in 1982 and continued for years thereafter. The second was an increase in legal direct-to-consumer drug advertisement which took off in the early 1990s.

After that, those looking began to see more incidences of ASD and ADHD-style disorders, primarily impacting young boys. Parker’s data is startling. In one analysis of over 61,000 Danish babies, he found a 66% increased risk of the development of an ASD disorder after post-natal exposure to acetaminophen. He also found that the drug was commonly used in the after-care for circumcision and to treat side effects of vaccinations.

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