Experts Warn US is Surging Towards Tripledemic

( – The annual flu season is getting started with major media already stoking fears over a ridiculously named “tripledemic” due to surging cases of common respiratory ailments. Reported cases of flu, RSV, and the infamous pandemic-associated cough-inducing virus from a few years ago are all on the rise, according to reporting by The Hill.

Authorities had previously believed that the season would be mild due to multiple injections being available as preemptive measures for all the diseases, but it seems as if their prognostications were off.

The Hill is blaming individuals for not getting their shots, while seemingly failing to report that the injections for the pandemic virus were and remain ineffective. Excitedly reporting an increase in hospital admissions is yet another tell-tale sign that the corporate media is overhyping a mild respiratory illness, as this is a regular pattern every flu season.

CDC highlighted the increase in flu cases and cited a lack of people getting their flu shots as related, suggesting millions were opting out from the shots as compared to last year.

Polling indicates that the heyday of American compliance with recommended vaccination is largely over with only a fifth of American adults reporting that they’ve gotten a recent injection for the infamous respiratory virus. Previous polls suggest that most Americans are skipping the jabs after reports indicated they lacked efficacy and were potentially dangerous.

Luis Ostrosky is a chief epidemiologist with UTHealth Houston and he noted that RSV cases recently began to decline after hitting a peak in late November. He noted that the CDC sent out a bulletin at the end of the year to encourage vaccination and testing when patients present with symptoms to facilitate rapid treatment.

Monoclonal antibody treatment is available for patients with RSV, but the heightened demand led to supply concerns such that the treatment is only made available for patients with the most risk factors.

RSV injections for seniors are also only being accepted by ~10% of the elderly population, according to CDC data.

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