Exposed: Horrendous Living Conditions in Military Barracks

( – U.S. lawmakers are infuriated and appalled by alleged squalor conditions being used to house members of our military. Rep. Mark Alford (R-MO) and others wrote a letter to military commanders at the Pentagon demanding to know why a recent Government Accountability Office report demonstrated disastrous living conditions for members of our armed forces.

He said the least we could do was offer members of our military adequate housing while they put their lives on the line to defend America. The letter was sent to Assistant Secretary for Energy, Installations, and Environment Brendan Owens who is ostensibly responsible for the situation.

The GAO report showed filthy toilets and bathroom stalls, ceiling tiles with water damage, and black mold growing on walls that feature massive chunks of drywall missing. The report itself was a whopping 118 pages long and featured images from 12 unnamed military installations. Overflowing raw sewage, insects and rodents, mold, and mildew were just a few of the features in the report.

Troops also complained about the quality of their drinking water, in some cases, it wasn’t safe to drink. They suffered from broken or absent environmental systems for heating and cooling, and a lack of door locks and secure windows which led to squatters entering the premises.

Department of Defense (DOD) officials are also being slammed for failing to do basic oversight which is a part of their job. They will hire contractors to do work that never gets performed or is incomplete without checking in with folks at the site.

Rep Mike Gallagher (R-WI) ripped the DOD, saying that they take pride in their electric vehicles and golf courses while the people who do all the hard work of defending the country live in squalor and filth.

The DOD responded saying that they have some 9,000 barracks around the world to monitor and decay has gotten out of hand and is “completely unacceptable.”

The recruitment and retention of military members has been entering crisis stages with fewer and fewer young people signing up to join. The least the military can do is provide basic housing if they want to attract and retain talent.

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