Nicolle Wallace, who came down with a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome so devastating that it actually turned her from a conservative into a liberal, said on her program Friday that she is so desperate to defeat President Donald Trump in November that she would “easily” cast a vote for Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders.

Speaking to a panel that included another TDS sufferer, former Ted Cruz campaign manager Rick Wilson, Wallace said that she was nervous that Sanders might not be able to win a general election against Trump.

Wilson put it bluntly: “Bernie Sanders is not going to rev up this mystical vote that’s out there and unaddressed. And in fact, I predict he’ll lose 44 states if he’s the nominee.”

Sam Stein replied, “Oh, come on – 44 states is a little excessive.”

“Try me,” Wilson said.

Wallace jumped in: “And I’m on the record. I will vote for whomever — I will, I will gladly and easily and handily vote for Bernie Sanders if he’s the nominee. This is not personal. But my political strategist is like, it’s a four-alarm fire in my political soul. I mean, how do you as a Democratic Party tell everyone to get behind someone who is — and I don’t know, I have no frickin’ clue what democratic socialist means, but everyone thinks that’s what he is. And it sounds scary. And he’s got very little African-American support.”

Imagine getting paid north of seven figures to impart that kind of political wisdom on the airwaves. Staggering. Isn’t it, like, her JOB to know what the hell a democratic socialist is? Does she not think that might be important in a two-party race where the frontrunner of one of the parties identifies as that? Does she not believe that might be something she should at least figure out before she casts a vote for the guy? Just wondering.

It will never stop amazing us, the power of Trump. It wasn’t particularly surprising when a handful of coastal Republicans decided they couldn’t support the guy, but how does one man suddenly cause you to turn your back on everything you ever claimed to believe in? How can Nicolle Wallace and Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot and the rest of them spend day after day championing the Democratic Party after years of fighting those very policies? Just because a guy you don’t happen to like is in the White House? It makes no sense at all.

Then again, Wallace thought Sarah Palin was the bad part of the McCain/Palin ticket, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised.