Fani Willis One Step Closer to Impeachment

( – The Georgia Senate recently voted to establish a special committee dedicated to investigating the Fulton County District Attorney, a move GOP Sen. Colton Moore called the move by the Senate a “first step” towards impeachment.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has remained consistently in the headlines ever since she announced overseeing the case against former President Donald Trump for allegedly attempting to interfere with and change the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Now, Willis is embroiled in some legal troubles of her own. One of Trump’s former staff members and co-defendants in the election interference case is Michael Roman, who launched his own lawsuit against Willis on Jan. 8 in an attempt to have his charges dismissed. Roman’s legal team accused the district attorney of being involved in an inappropriate romantic fling with Nathan Wade, an attorney Willis later hired onto the Trump case as the special prosecutor.

Roman argues that Willis’ actions demonstrated nepotism and a conflict of interest, and claims that Willis and Wade went on expensive vacations together. Court records show that the district attorney paid $654,000 to wade related to the case.

Although Willis did not comment directly on the allegations of a romantic relationship, she defended Wade during a speech delivered in a church on Jan. 14, describing him as “a great lawyer” and noted two others she hired for the case. Willis noted the other two lawyers hired weren’t black, and questioned whether such criticism was directed Wade because of his skin color. She also insinuated the criticism against her is because she’s “a black woman.”

On Friday, Jan. 26, in a vote of 30-19, the Senate officially approved the creation of a special committee dedicated to investigating the district attorney’s conduct. The committee may probe Willis but cannot directly sanction her.

Moore commented on the decision on Twitter, calling it the “first step” on the road to impeachment of Willis and defunding Wade, who he called a “corrupt prosecutor.” Moore called on fellow Republicans not to “let up the pressure” on Willis and to “double down.”

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