Fanni Willis Confirms Relationship but Refutes Conflict of Interest

( – After evading the scandal for weeks, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis finally acknowledged having a personal relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she appointed to lead the case against former President Donald Trump in Georgia, claiming the allegations against her and Wade are baseless.

The controversy started from a lawsuit by an ex-campaign official for Trump and one of the former president’s co-defendants in the Georgia election interference case: Mike Roman.

Roman filed a motion to have his charges dismissed and to disqualify Willis from her involvement with the lawsuit against Roman, Trump, and the other co-defendants, who have all pleaded not guilty.

The motion, filed on Jan. 8, accuses Willis and Wade of racketeering (a charge Roman also faces) and of benefiting financially from the prosecution of Trump. Specifically, Roman and his legal team accused Willis of having a secret romantic relationship with Wade and then hiring him as the special prosecutor. The motion also claims the two went on expensive vacations together, paid for with money Wade was given as special prosecutor.

Willis alluded to the allegations in a speech shortly after the motion was filed last month but did not mention the romantic relationship claims. In that speech, Willis also said she and Wade were specifically targeted for being black.

On Friday, Feb. 2, Willis confirmed her relationship with Wade in a detailed filing but described the allegations as a media scheme without substantial grounds for legal relief for the accusers. Attached to Willis’ response was an affidavit from Wade, which clarified that the two did have an intimate relationship but that it did not progress to that level until after his appointment as special prosecutor. Wade maintains that prior to this, his relationship with Willis was strictly platonic. He also claimed that vacation expenses were split evenly between the two, often funded by Willis’ personal accounts.

The motion also addresses racial bias allegations from a separate filing by Trump’s legal team in response to Willis’ speech in January. Willis argued because she didn’t directly mention the case or any of the defendants, her public remarks cannot be considered a reason for disqualification.

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