Far Left Votes Prove How Divided They Really Are

(TotalConservative.com) – A vote earlier this week to condemn Hamas and reaffirm Israel’s right to exist revealed that both parties in the House are divided on the issue, especially the far-left members of the Squad.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to reaffirm the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign nation and to formally condemn the radical militant Palestinian group, Hamas, who attacked the Jewish state on October 7, leading to an escalation of conflict. Two measures were brought before the House for a vote.

Of the eight members of the Squad, only two did not vote in favor of House Resolution 888, which reaffirmed the existence of Israel and the country’s right to self-defense. Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan was the only member of the House to vote “present,” while Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri abstained from voting.

Bush also abstained from voting on House Resolution 793 condemning the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas and demanding the immediate release of any remaining hostages captured by Hamas during the attack. Despite her refusal in the past to condemn the attack, Tlaib followed the rest of her colleagues in the Squad and voted in favor of the resolution. She told reporters after the vote that both peoples “have the right to live with democracy, safety, peace, and human dignity.” Tlaib also expressed her opinion that the resolution “ignores the existence of the Palestinian people” and that it won’t result in “peaceful coexistence.”

In early November, the House voted to formally censure Tlaib after accusing the Democratic lawmaker of antisemitism and “promoting false narratives” about the Oct. 7 attack.

  1. Res. 793 went through by a vote of 414-0, and H. Res. 888 by a vote of 412-1. The only lawmaker to vote “no” on it was GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who said he agrees with reaffirming Israel’s right to exist but disagrees with equating “anti-Zionism with antisemitism,” which Massie said is unhelpful.

Along with Bush, quite a few other lawmakers from both parties decided not to vote on either resolution, indicating Republicans are also divided on the issue.

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